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FollowFriday: @steveleandre on Twitter

March 5th, 2010 Comments off

Steve Tchiengang might be the baddest mofo on an SEC basketball court, but he’s also a nice, kind and generous soul off the court.  That’s reflected on his Twitter account which he updates regularly.

Steve really brought the pain in both games against Kentucky, playing hard, physical defense and pounding the boards.

Sometimes his posts are just a little hard to follow without context:

How bout this monkey on sportsnation that is waiting? Kind of freaky.

@AWalk24 u ain’t going to like it much if u keep playing with me hahah. Give me tht Jesus piece n I will stop bothering u.

But mostly they’re just reflective of the awesomeness that is Steve T:

I’m mesmerized by what I’m watching in this class. There are some crazy stuffs in this world.

Bout to take off heading back to Nashville. This how the Dores roll

An american man kicked off the plane for smelling bad… Thts funny n terrible hahahah

a friend asked me “who u play on saturday” n i say “UK” and she replied “Why are u going all the way to United Kingdom?” tht made me laugh

If you want to follow a kickass athlete with a positive outlook on life and a penchant for updating the Twitter world on the everyday goings-on of a true student-athlete, you need to follow Steve T.

Previewing Vandy Baseball in 2010

February 26th, 2010 2 comments

Sonny Gray will look to lead Vanderbilt as the Friday guy in 2010.

I’m quite excited to be out in Los Angeles this weekend for the first live college baseball I’ll have seen since last May’s disastrous series loss to Todd Raleigh’s Volunteer team (a weekend which caused such concern over the illegal bats used by the Vols, that composite barrel bats are now illegal). Anyway, enough of my loathing of all things Orange in baseball, the Black and Gold of Vanderbilt got going over the weekend and it was a dandy. The Commodores played host to the Niagara Purple Eagles, but were far from hospitable on the diamond.

Behind a strong pitching performance from the King (Sonny Gray), the Dores easily took the opener, 9-0. The bats then really woke up with a 16-2 thumping on Saturday, complemented by a solid start from Taylor Hill. Sunday was bloody with the Dores laying into the Purple Eagles with 25 unanswered runs after Niagara jumped out to a 3-0 lead. Big Jack Armstrong had some tough luck and was a little wild as the starter.

On Tuesday, Austin Peay came across town to the Hawk and gave Vandy all we could ask for. They threw a former weekend starter named Vicini who was coming off of an injury plagued season. He was healthy, shutting the Dores down through 6 before giving way. Chase Reid, Richie Goodenow and Russ Brewer were all really dominant for the Dores on the hill and Andrew Giobbi won it in the 10th with an RBI single, for a 2-1 win. Not quite the dominating performance of the weekend, but it’s sometimes nice to just get a nail biter win, especially before a top flight tournament against three NCAA caliber teams, including a showdown with the top pro prospect in NCAA baseball (UCLA’s Gerritt Cole).

The past week was the first look at some key newcomers, such as Mike “#YAZ!” Yastrzemski, Regan “Little Flash” Flaherty and Connor “I Don’t Have a Nickname Yet” Harrell, the three freshman leading the battle to fill the outfield spots vacated by Steven Liddle and Jonathan White. My thoughts on them and the rest of the team follow the jump in this, my Vanderbilt Baseball Preview for 2010.
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SEC Hoops Power Poll: Conference Week 4

February 3rd, 2010 Comments off

The timing on the Blogosphere Power Poll is has shifted to Sunday/Monday, making things easier for Phil from Save the Shield and I got our picks for Conference Week 4 of Southeastern Conference Hoops in with a modicum of intelligence and appropriate timing.

Obviously, Vanderbilt and Tennessee flipped in the who wants to finish second to Wall, Bledsoe and Punchy McCousins in Lexington.  I’m sorry, that’s insensitive.  You flash a forearm, rather than punching with it.  The big mover is really Florida, hopping up to fourth on our ballot.

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump. Read more…

Epic UK Shirt Fail

January 27th, 2010 Comments off

The suffering of Kentackalacky over the short lived top ranking is quite reminiscent of Bruce Pearl’s “suffering” when his Vols were, for all intents and purposes, knocked from their pedestal by the Commodores just 48 hours after defeating off Calipari’s Memphis Tigers two years ago.  Of course, you can’t be suffering too much if you’re number one even for just a day.

I actually wouldn’t be shocked if this shirt actually became a bigger hit because it’s not available until its point is moot.

On January 25th the Kentucky Wildcats rose to #1 in the national college basketball rankings.  To commemorate their accomplishment the UK Team Shop released this shirt, due in stock on January 27th.  On January 26th the Wildcats lost to the unranked South Carolina Gamecocks.  Oops.

From Rick Ankiel’s Mustache, via probationaryperiod.

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SEC Hoops Power Poll: Conference Week 3

January 22nd, 2010 Comments off

The timing on the weekly Blogosphere Power Poll is awkward for Hoops.  A Thursday midnight cutoff is a full half week after the Top 25 polls close and is just a weird time to submit.  Nevertheless, Phil from Save the Shield and I got our picks for Conference Week 3 of Southeastern Conference Hoops in on time.

The only real, substantive change is that South Carolina got jumped by Ole Miss and Florida, and that Ole Miss jumped Florida.  There’s a pretty big drop between MSU and Ole Miss and between South Carolina and the bottom of the league.  The real question mark is how much better the Fighting Freshmen in Kentackalacky are than the rest of the league.  That question (and whether the Vols’ lack of depth will catch up to them) are the real unanswered questions.  It looks like it will be a three team (UK, UT and Vanderbilt) battle in the East and a state of Mississippi battle for the West (with MSU winning at Oxford already).

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump. Read more…

FollowFriday: @LSUFreek on Twitter

January 22nd, 2010 1 comment

This is a character you’re likely to not know unless you’re a participant in college sports message boards.  On the network, in particular, LSUFreek is legendary for providing hilarious animated GIFs.

Terrance Donnels (the man behind the screenname) was recently granted his own domain on to further distribute his images and thoughts.  You can visit that site here, but really all you need to do is follow his Twitter feed @LSUFreek.

Linked after the jump are some of my favorite LSUFreek animated GIFs.  There are a ten of them, so it may take a second to load. Read more…

SEC Power Polls Return: Final Football and First Hoops

January 14th, 2010 Comments off

Phil over at Save the Shield and I are continuing to collaborate on the ballot for the power polls hosted by, the Southeastern Conference’s sports blog site.

There’s been some polls taken of late (including the Football All-SEC poll teams) and I’ve been delinquent in posting.  After the jump I’ve got our final, post-bowl Football Ballot and last week’s Hoops’ ballot, which was the first of the year.

Tomorrow I’m going to get back to normal and have this week’s Hoops Power Poll.

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Oh Lane, whatever shall we do in the SEC without you?

January 13th, 2010 Comments off

I don’t know that there are any Vanderbilt sports fans that aren’t smiling tonight.  None of our teams (not even Women’s Bowling) was active to earn us a smiling victory.  No, for us, Florida fans, Alabama fans, Kentackalacky fans, Georgia fans and South Cackalacky fans it was the news out of Knoxville and Los Angeles.  The University of Southern California (U$C) had decided to replace the departed Pete Carroll with Boy Blunder, himself.


Follow Friday – @NotJayCutler on Twitter

December 11th, 2009 Comments off

I’m a big Jay Cutler fan.  I always have been.  Heck, back in 2005, I took to calling him Jesus H. Cutler.  But there is no way to sweeten the current reality.  The guy has been brutal as a Chicommodore Vanderbear.

And that pain makes it pleasant to laugh, even if at Jay’s expense.  One such way to laugh is to follow @NotJayCutler on Twitter.

Youll note that Jay doesnt say hed never hit a phone booth (even if hes just covering up for a teammate).

You'll note that Jay doesn't say he'd never hit a phone booth (even if he's just covering up for a teammate).


Brand “spanking” new Tiger Woods computer animation — now with more S&M

December 9th, 2009 2 comments

Last week, I linked to the crazy Mandarin Tiger Woods crash reenactment which showed his wife beating the crap out of him.  Well, the Chinese (or Taiwanese, if you are a citizen of one of the 24 countries that recognize Taiwan’s independence — the US doesn’t, and I’m not sure if the video is from Taiwan anyway… but I digress) have outdone themselves this time.  They’ve now released a computer animation showing Tiger and his mistresses in various states of cheatery.  Most notably showing Tiger spanking the skanky I-HoP waitress.

Click to watch, if you dare. Read more…