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#NoStateOfUnionFeb2: This time you go too far

January 7th, 2010 Comments off

As reported across the Blogosphere this morning and in a few papers (like the Washington Post), the White House could be threatening the President’s support with a key demographic: people who care more about LOST than Healthcare Reform.  Count me among them.  The Healthcare Reform packages are an absolute joke with more pork and less true direction in them than one could have imagined.  Yes, if Obama had followed through on his promises on Healthcare Reform, I’d be jazzed about it (and hearing him talk about other reform plans).

A good solution could be simply superimposing the SOTU address over the LOST premiere.

Instead, the White House is pushing it’s SOTU address from January 26th to February 2nd solely because they think they can get a half-assed reform bill signed by then and therefore have some “substance” to go along with the pomp and circumstance of the joint session. But the bill sucks.  It sucks on a Paolo and Nicki level.

This would not be the first time the President has ruffled the feathers of network heads.  Back in March, he capped a string of primetime addresses by pre-empting American Idol.  Eventually Fox had enough and they ditched his next address.  This time it’s ABC who will feel the big sting with a major hit to their expected viewership.

Maybe if we were talking about reform that didn’t require handing out the Treasury to holdout Senators (this blog pretty well sums up the last second deals), I could get excited about the bill… or at least I might if the bill accomplished what the President set out to do.  Maybe if he followed through on some of his other promises I could get excited about the speech in general, even absent good health care reform.

So if the President moves forward and pushes LOST back another week, my only hope is that Rep. Joe Wilson (or some person of any party persuasion) interrupts him by screaming out a reminder that “Ben Lies!”