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SEC Baseball, Part 1 – The East and the Draft

August 21st, 2011 2 comments

This is the first in a three part look at the draft's impact on SEC rosters for the coming year.

This is the first in a three part series looking at the Southeastern Conference and the impact of the Major League Baseball Draft for the 2011/12 academic year. Part one provides data relating to the drafted players and recruits for each of the six Eastern division squads. Part two will do the same for the Western division. I’ll close with a final look at and overview of how each team matched up in recruiting, retaining and promoting their programs going forward. I’ll also identify some of the key newcomer names to watch on the horizon as we head into yet another year of baseball in the best conference in college sports.

Look for part two later in the week.

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Vanderbilt Baseball: Twelfth Week Behind, Week Ahead

May 10th, 2011 2 comments

Vanderbilt returns to the Hawk for Florida after a midweek trip to Louisville. Photo courtesy Mike Rapp,

It was somewhat of a boring week for the Commodores. There was no midweek game, finals were finished and the team had the lazy bus ride up to Lexington to face off against the Wildcats of Kentucky. While the games weren’t without some drama, the lack of big crowds up North kept the games somewhat mild.

The Immediate Progression: Saturday Domination

One thing that truly separates great teams is the ability to pound opponents with top flight starters Friday through Sunday. The game where the rubber meets the road is Saturday.

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Vanderbilt Baseball: Eleventh Week Behind, Week Ahead

May 4th, 2011 Comments off

Last week, Vandy was a step faster than LSU. This week, it was more than just Vanderbilt excellence, as Tennessee was also doubly slow. Photo courtesy of Mike Rapp,

Well, it was the Nashville Massacre weekend. I’m not sure Vanderbilt has ever enjoyed a sustained beat down on an SEC opponent. The only thing that comes to mind is the Basketball team’s undressing of Billy Gillespie’s Kentucky Wildcats in February of 2008.

Of course, the joy of the Nashville Massacre quickly evaporated into the jubilation over Usama Bin Laden “getting got”, to quote The Wire. Nevertheless, we’ll hop right into the topic of the week.

The Immediate Progression

The theme of the last two weeks has been maturity. I was chatting with Chris Lee of last Thursday and both he and I agreed that the thing setting this team apart was a tremendous attitude, highlighted by incredible maturity up and down the roster. In particular, we both commented on the plate discipline and demeanor of Tony Kemp and Conrad Gregor. Both are incredibly advanced as hitters, never swinging at a pitcher’s pitches before two strike counts. The end result is getting good pitches to hit and a ton of walks.

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Oh Lane, whatever shall we do in the SEC without you?

January 13th, 2010 Comments off

I don’t know that there are any Vanderbilt sports fans that aren’t smiling tonight.  None of our teams (not even Women’s Bowling) was active to earn us a smiling victory.  No, for us, Florida fans, Alabama fans, Kentackalacky fans, Georgia fans and South Cackalacky fans it was the news out of Knoxville and Los Angeles.  The University of Southern California (U$C) had decided to replace the departed Pete Carroll with Boy Blunder, himself.


Chart a Statement – Lane Kiffin Edition

November 16th, 2009 Comments off

Last week I [fake] quoted Lane Kiffin on the arrest of three of his Tennessee Vawl football players. Well, he’s come out with his own statement, pulled from the ESPN article below:

I spot:

  • An oxymoron, as Tennessee football players are U-Thugs, not “student athletes.” As evidence of this, I ask you to return to the Madommon article from ESPN.
  • Irony, as someone who has shown zero class on or off the field claims to be expecting his players to act differently.
  • Coincidence, in that no one has mentioned that Edwards and Richardson ripped off their Tennessee Football branded gear and chanted “Wild Boyz” (a la Orgeron) while committing the crime. You KNOW that happened.
  • False statements, in that UcheaT has never sought ethics as a virtuous goal… so I don’t doubt for a second that Kiffin wouldn’t have kept these kids if he could have. Heck, the victims have asked that charges not be pressed because they didn’t want Nu’Keese out of the lineup, thereby throwing into doubt whether this removal was in the best interests of the team (however morally skewed those interests are).

Anyway, a shout to VandyKyle who suggests the next press release from Kiffin will be to announce the team’s new helmets for throwback jersey day:

UThugg: Maybe Janzen Didn’t Learn

November 12th, 2009 Comments off

Just noticed the Tennessean coverage of the UT Armed Robbery Arrests. Their lead article is on the arrest of Nu’Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson and Mike Edwardsyesterday. But below, the third article listed is one cross-posted from Gannette’s GoVolsXtra website. The article? “Janzen Jackson Learns From Mistake.” I guess not, as the mistake referenced led to an administrative suspension for a week. I guess the time off allowed him the opportunity to plot his armed robbery.

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[Fake] Quoting Lane Kiffin

November 12th, 2009 1 comment

At least Nu’Keese, Janzen and Mike committing armed robbery proves our program is run clean. No way they’d have to rob a gas station if we hadn’t stopped paying our players excessive sums under the table…. Though I guess we did give them the getaway car.

– Lane Kiffin, Tennessee Football Coach and Blowhard, who later noted with pride that none of his three players tweeted about the armed robbery they committed… like some criminals we know of.