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Quick Hits: Pilot Season — The Event

September 21st, 2010 Comments off

It’s Pilot season in America. There certainly seems to be more shows that at least have the potential to be intriguing. There’s the can’t miss in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the LOST clone in NBC’s The Event, the waiting-to-see-if-it-can-deliver in AMC’s The Walking Dead and a host of other intriguing new shows.  I may not drop thoughts on all of them, but I will try to give my initial thoughts on some of those that catch my eye.  First up is the first off the DVR, NBC’s The Event.

NBC apparently does not make their production stills available for download. Boo on them. The art in this post will suffer a bit.

The Event mimicked LOST in many ways, to the point that it even was blatantly marketed as a potential successor.  That will grasp the eyes of LOST fanatics with suddenly an extra hour of time each week, particularly when the show is granted at least some street cred with positive buzz.  But that buzz and intentional comparison also carries with it the heavy burden of expectation.  If you don’t deliver, you’re going to know it pretty quickly — as was the case for The Nine and FlashForward, the last two shows that filed miserably in assuming the throne of TV’s top network blockbuster.

As a LOST junkie, I somewhat knew what I wanted to see in this pilot.  First and foremost, you need a solid score.  Series creator Nick Wauters turned that task over to Scott Starrett, a virtual unknown to mainstream productions whose IMDB credits reflect a show called Drop Dead Diva and a movie called Slutty Summer.  If you couldn’t tell, I’m not exactly overwhelmed with confidence.  While Starrett fails to deliver on an epic scale in the way that Michael Giacchino did for LOST or Bear McCreary did for Battlestar Galactica, he does manage to build the appropriate adrenaline during the more action packed scenes.  The scoring during the more dramatic or dialogue is somewhat empty and overall it’s a bit lacking in imagination.  I was not terribly impressed on this level.

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