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Quick Hits: Rubicon E1.01 — “Gone in the Teeth”

August 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Rubicon stars James Badge Dale as intelligence analyst Will Travers.

I’ve noted before (link to my general endorsement of the pilot episode and the show) that I think Rubicon might have what it takes to be a real winner and a hit. As such, I intend to do what I did for LOST, posting quick hit thoughts after watching an episode in recap format. Here are mine for Episode 1.01, “Gone in the Teeth.”

“Gone in the Teeth” served more as a primer for both the idea of the show and the introduction of certain elements of the cast. As I noted in my preview, the pattern I’d like to see the show take would be in the vein and structure of a crossword – something more sophisticated than a standard puzzle which challenges the viewer and asks us to help piece together the greater construct, rather than simply handing us the answer key. If that’s the case, then the 5-down handed to the viewer in the pilot is a centerpiece clue, providing both a grounding for the key persons and a 19-letter link to the rest of the board in Marsilea quadrifolia (the entry the lead gives as the Latin translation for four-leaf clover, the answer to a clue asking for what a particularly lucky insect larva gets to chow down on).

Not the least of the clues in that answer is that Marsilea quadrifolia is not, in fact, a true four-leaf clover. No, that designation falls to a mutated Trifolium. Marsilea quadrifolia are just commonly passed as four-leaf clovers, so what is the real game here… what lies beneath? In a series that opens with a child’s game of hide-and-seek, we’re certainly warned to look a little deeper and, perhaps, not always trust that the view presented will always hold veracity.

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