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Hotty Toddy, Ackbar Almighty

March 8th, 2010 Comments off

It’s been quite well publicized that Admiral Ackbar is up for the role of mascot for the University of Mississippi, but it isn’t real news anymore until the Taiwanese go all CGI on the news (see, e.g., the Tiger Woods Accident and Spanking footage, as previously chronicled by this site).

My only advice to the good admiral is that this is a trap. The Ole Miss football team is the bottom of the barrel. They’ve got a “student”-athlete who can’t read (“He’s a good boy, he just can’t read“). They try to pretend they can compete in the West, but since Eli left they’ve been closer to Mississippi State than LSU and Bama. And you’ll be leading a fan base that had no problem for years with the idea of waving the Confederate Flag that represented to many African Americans a symbol of oppression and racism (regardless of the fact that it may have represented something different to those waving it).

An English version of the video, after the jump. Read more…

Brand “spanking” new Tiger Woods computer animation — now with more S&M

December 9th, 2009 2 comments

Last week, I linked to the crazy Mandarin Tiger Woods crash reenactment which showed his wife beating the crap out of him.  Well, the Chinese (or Taiwanese, if you are a citizen of one of the 24 countries that recognize Taiwan’s independence — the US doesn’t, and I’m not sure if the video is from Taiwan anyway… but I digress) have outdone themselves this time.  They’ve now released a computer animation showing Tiger and his mistresses in various states of cheatery.  Most notably showing Tiger spanking the skanky I-HoP waitress.

Click to watch, if you dare. Read more…

Computer Animation of Tiger Woods “Accident”

December 1st, 2009 Comments off

Excuse the Mandarin language and Cantonese subtitles, but this is (even without English) the single best look at what happened with Tiger Woods: